Randall Meyers – Labyrinth (1998)

Labyrinth de Randall Meyers es una obra que conocí por un generoso envío de material que la editorial Wilhelm Hansen de Copenhagen me hizo hace unos años. Contacté con Randall y conocí a una persona maravillosa con una obra pianística muy atractiva. Labyrinth es una pieza de estructura y materiales muy sencillos pero con una poderosa idea musical y expresiva que funciona muy bien a todos los niveles. Apta para todos los públicos y para los intérpretes que quieran acercarse por primera vez a la música actual.

Compra la partitura:



Randall Meyers – Labyrinth (1998)

Randall Meyers’ Labyrinth is a work I got to know through a generous shipment of material that the publisher Wilhelm Hansen in Copenhagen made me a few years ago. I contacted Randall and I met a wonderful person with a very attractive piano work. “Labyrinth” is a piece of very simple structure and materials but with a powerful musical and expresive idea that works very well at all levels. Suitable for all audiences and for performers who wish to approach for the first time to the music of today.

Buy the score:



  1. matem777 · · Reply



  2. Itxaso · · Reply

    Bravo!!! Me encanta.


  3. échale un ojo a la pieza. Es muy gratificante. Mil gracias


  4. It is rare that modern music be presented with such musical mastery, serious precision and visual clarity, as Ricardo has managed to do here. This music has been performed many times, but Ricardo’s performance, in this recording, is no doubt at the top of the list! The concept of this library and the clean, aesthetic fashion in which it has been filmed, makes me doubly happy as it demonstrates to others (forever) how this music can be enjoyed and performed, as well as the music of other composers of our time!

    Five stars Ricardo, on all counts, BRAVO!! and Thank you for creating a portal inspiring young musicians and professionals alike. I am looking forward to the next recordings!


  5. ¡¡¡Pero que interesante…!!!. ¡¡¡BRAVISIMO!!!.


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